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Python is one of the most popular programming language in the data science world. Understanding of Python is one of the valuable skills needed in data science career in the recent years.

Python has a lot of applications in analytics such as, data analysis, machine learning, web applications, data scraping, etc. On top of that, syntax of python makes it easy to read and work on.

In this post, instead of learning python by theory, we will cover python concepts by doing hands-on exercises.

We will use Jupyter notebook to understand python theory and practical part. So, what is Jupyter notebook and how to download & install it ?

Table of Contents

  • Install Jupyter Notebook
  • Download Python Course Modules
  • Setup Jupyter Notebook
  • Data Science Case Study

Install Jupyter Notebook

There are two ways to install Jupyter Notebook:

  1. PIP (preferred):
  2. Anaconda:

Using PIP (preferred):

Follow the below steps:

Installing Python
  • 3. Go to start, search Command Prompt and click open.
  • 4. Write: pip install jupyter, and press enter
  • 5. After the installation of jupyter, write: jupyter notebook, and press enter
  • 6. Jupyter notebook will now get open, Happy coding !

Video: Alternatively, watch the video on how to install Jupyter Notebook

Video: Install Jupyter Notebook (In Hindi)

Using Anaconda:

Second method to install Jupyter notebook using anaconda distribution. Follow the below steps:

  1. Download and install Anaconda from here:
  2. Go to start, search Jupyter Notebook and click open .

Download Python Course Modules

Python Course has 8 Modules with assignments.

Use the below button to download the course contents.

Setup Jupyter Notebook

Till now, we have installed Jupyter notebook and downloaded the python modules.

Follow below steps to setup Jupyter Notebook for hands-on exercises:

  • First, unzip the downloaded Python Modules and extract the contents.
  • Secondly, open the downloaded python folder and go to navigation bar.
  • Thirdly, enter “jupyter notebook” in the navigation bar.
Open Jupyter notebook in specific folder
  • Fourthly, we will be able to see all the modules in the web browser.
Explore Jupyter notebook
  • Lastly, open the “Reference material” folder and follow the PDF file for python tutorials.

Data Science Case Study

After completing all of the above Python Modules, let’s do an educational data science case study.

Titanic Disaster – Case Study

In just 20 minutes learn easy solution for Kaggle Titanic in Python. This article is written for beginners who want to start their journey into Data Science, assuming no previous knowledge of machine learning. Only prior knowledge of basic python is required.

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