Data Science Roadmap 2022

4-6 Months exhaustive roadmap for covering Data Science syllabus.

Data Science Roadmap 2022
Data Science Roadmap 2022

Week 1: Induction

Analytics Overview

Week 2-5: Programming

Week 2: Excel

Week 3: SQL

Week 4-5: Python

Week 6-7: Educational Case Study

Week 6: Housing Price Prediction (Regression)

Week 7: Titanic Survival Prediction (Classification)

Week 8: Statistics

Week 9: Resume Preparation

Important tips on creating resume. How & where to apply for jobs .

Week 10: Machine Learning Algorithms

Week 10: Decision Tree

Week 11: Linear Regression

Week 11-12: Business Case Study

  • Data Science Project Life Cycle is 6 steps approach followed in any end-to-end Data Science project.
  • Customer Analytics – Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) is a prediction of revenue or profit a customer will give the company over the period of the relationship. Using past purchase history of customers, build a model to predict the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) for new customers.
  • Customer Analytics – Propensity To Buy: Use web clicks data of the links clicked by the user on a website. Create a real time model to predict user’s propensity to buy the product while browsing. Using propensity, decide whether to offer chat option to the customer with an agent.

Week 13: Kaggle Case Study

Week 14: Resume Review

Resume and online job profile review (Naukri, LinkedIn, etc.)

Week 15: Advance Algorithms

  • Logistic Regression (Classification)
  • K Nearest Neighbors (Classification)
  • K Means (Unsupervised)

Week 16: Model Deployment

  • Fraud Detection Case Study
  • Model Deployment using Flask

Week 17: Mock Interviews

  • Individual mock interviews and feedback sessions.
  • Data Science Questions/Answers Knowledge Bank

Week 18-26: Job Assistance

  • Updates regarding relevant jobs opening
  • Job Referrals
  • Interview Assistance

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