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About Career Now Program

An initiative to bridge the skill gap by helping in upskilling candidates and making them capable to land a fitting job in analytics field. We help you upgrade to meet the current industry requirements which in return helps you boost your career & land the apt job with a promising profile & salary package.

We are offering 3 Courses: Data Science, Data Analyst and Data Engineering.

Your Analytics career starts here. And the best part? Pay ₹0 until you are hired!

Eligibility – Any graduate. An ideal candidate for the program is someone who is willing to put in efforts and desire to learn with exponential growth.

How It Works?

1. Enroll

Fill in your details and enroll yourself for one of the 3 programs offered (Data Science, Data Analyst and Data Engineer).

2. Screening

Every applicant is screened and evaluated as a part of three-step process (gauging learning ability, logical aptitude and soft skills).

3. Training

Get hands-on experience in comprehensive learning program mentored by experienced experts on the latest technologies.

4. Placement

We will help you get the best learning & earning opportunities  with startups, MNCs and GICs.

Courses Offered

Gist of our Courses: In the era of MOOCs, everything is readily and freely available in the internet. However, the downside is you easily get confused in which one to choose. You can definitely prepare yourself as most of our team did few years back, however, the only caveat is, it will take trail & error and more TIME. Having passed through all this process already, our team will guide you through the optimized plan and resources to achieve your dream to enter the analytics world ASAP. As a catalyst.

Data Science

  • Data scientist analyzes, interprets complex data and organizes big data
  • Machine Learning & Deep learning principles
  • Programming (SQL/ Python/R)
  • Statistical, Analytical & Data Mining skills
  • Capstone Case Studies
  • Course Duration: 3-6 months

Data Analyst

  • Data Analyst analyzes data and use visualization to help companies make better decisions.
  • Reporting and Visualization Tools: Power BI, Tableau
  • SQL/ database/ Spreadsheet knowledge
  • Capstone Case Studies
  • Course Duration: 2-4 months

Data Engineering

  • Data Engineer prepare data and develop, constructs, tests & maintain complete architecture.
  • Data Warehousing & ETLs
  • Data architecture & pipelining
  • Scripting, reporting & data visualization
  • Capstone Case Studies
  • Course Duration: 3-6 months

Why Are We Unique?

Personalized Mentoring

Industry Case Studies

Expert Mentors

Resume Building

Mock Interviews

Doubt Resolution

No Upfront Fees

Payment Options

We don’t charge you any tuition fee until you start earning more than 4 lacs per annum. Fees payment will be 7% of the first year CTC (can be paid monthly or lumpsum). If you do not start earning more than 4 LPA within 1 year from your course completion, we will not charge you a single penny.

PLAN 1: Pay After Job

₹0 Upfront Tuition Fees
Only pay once you make > ₹4 LPA
Fees will be 7% of CTC (+GST)


1 year of volunteering for mentoring and taking sessions for upcoming batches.

PLAN 2: Upfront Fees

Coming Soon


How do I apply for this course?

If you are interested in any of the 3 courses (Data Science, Data Analyst or Data Engineering) you can apply here.

Do I need to pay any Upfront Fees or Registration Fees?

No, there is zero upfront fee and you only pay once you get a job with an income sharing agreement (ISA). Learn now, get a job and pay later.

What is Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)?

According to ISA, you agree to pay back the course fee only after you finish the course and receive employment. If you do not get a job of 4 LPA within a year of completing the course, the ISA expires, and you don’t have to pay anything to us.

How much percentage of salary I have to pay and for how long?

You have to pay 5% of CTC over a period of 1 years, if your salary is above 4 LPA. For example, if your CTC is 8 LPA, you have to pay 5% i.e. 40K in total, either lumpsum 40K or monthly Rs. 3300.

What happens if I don’t get an offer for 4 LPA ?

In the case that you don’t get a job of Rs. 4 LPA, your payment will not kick start. You will have to pay only when you get a job > 4 LPA within 12 months of completing the program.

Will this course help me in changing/ switching job profile?

Yes, we have proven track record of helping students change their job profile to analytics.

Who is eligible to apply for this course?

– Any graduate (B.Tech., B.E., B.Sc., M.Tech., M.Sc.). An ideal candidate for the program is someone who is willing to put in efforts and desire to learn with exponential growth.
– Proficiency in English – Some level of proficiency will be required to clear job interviews. We will also help you achieve the same.
– Personal Laptop or Desktop availability will be helpful for keeping the learning pace and do hands-on exercises.

Who would be teaching us?

We have seasoned industry experts with 5+ years of experience and tremendous knowledge in the field. We will guide and mentor you to speed up with the learning process .

How will my doubts be cleared?

You can always reach out to our mentors at the specified time. Or best, you can reach out your peers in your batch to increase learning experience and have integrative learning.

What is the duration of the courses?

As everyone has different learning pace, we do not have any strict deadlines. Although, students have been able to complete course and get placed within 2 months to 6 months of training.

What if I have other questions that are not listed here?

You can reach out to us on

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